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Golden Crystals
We had a bit of an ice storm here, and all of the tree branches were coated in ice. Enter the sunset, and the light reflecting off of the ice on the trees! This was taken right in my backyard. Too gorgeous!

Painting Clouds

One day, the sky and clouds outside of my house were exceptionally beautiful. So I took these just in my backyard. We don’t get amazing views like this often here. Just breathtaking and absolutely lovely!

Foreign Territory
I love the eyes of reptiles - it’s another world in them.
Creative title is creative. Lionfish photo taken by me at the Newport Aquarium in 2013.
Dream of Dragons
Adorable little lizard friend - incoming are a few nice shots from the Newport Aquarium that I took in early 2013.

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Gaboon viper, friend! ((Bitis gabonica))

Thank you! I’m an admirer of snakes but not at all good at identifying them, I’ll edit the handsome man’s species into the original post!


Floor Jansen, photographed by me with my Nikon D5100 during ProgPower USA XIII, 2012. This is one of my favorite shots of Floor, she was there as a guest vocalist for MaYan. I just love the way the subtle green lighting is outlining her and her position in the photo.
It was fantastic seeing her live!


I got Adobe Lightroom 5 for Christmas from my step-grandfather for my photography nerdism, and the first time I opened it up to play around, I messed with this photo I’d taken of Tommy Karevik from the Kamelot show in Louisville. Now, I liked this photo anyway, but it was very, very green. Concert lights tend to have that effect on my photos a lot, everyone’s skin-tone is washed out by the color of the lights at the time.

I didn’t really know a lot about what I was doing because this was my first time messing around with it, but I thought the before and after was pretty cool. And I just kinda wanted to share. At least I was able to make the second photo not so glaringly green?

So Lightroom is a thing I learned about because of other tumblr users, and I’m really looking forward to learning what I can do with it - I never edit photos an incredible amount but in situations like this, fixing the colors is really, really nice! So here’s the first example of my tinkering. Again, sorry if you don’t care about the band or musician!

I wish I knew the species! Taken at Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY, a lovely, little reptilian fellow!Edit: And thanks to the lovely people of Tumblr, I know this guy is a Gaboon viper! Thank you, tumblr!


Delain live in Louisville, KY, 2013, Photoset #4!

On their North American tour with Kamelot and Eklipse. I’m getting to the point where I have photos that are fairly similar, so I’m trying to switch it up a bit. Like the top photo in this set, I have another that’s almost identical. Definitely getting to some of the superior photos, especially in the color department, like there are actually some that aren’t completely red or blue from the concert lighting!

Photos taken by me, with my Nikon D5100. If you’re interested, see more of my photography here:

I apologize if you follow this blog and have no interest in the musicians I listen to, but I feel like having these photos on my Photography blog because it is my photography, and concert photography can be tricky, so I feel it is worth posting. :)